“The top 10 jobs haven’t even been invented yet,” said Greg Nichols, president of Salina Area Technical College.

“We’re preparing students for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet, especially in the technical field,” said Julie Rowe, director of the career services office at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus. “If you already know about the technology, you’re probably too late.”

With such rapid changes in technology, people might not be able to rely on their college degree alone. But school counselors and other experts have a few hints about how to make sure you still have a job 10 years from now.

For example, Nichols said, SATC’s full-time welding program takes one year for a certificate and two years for an associate degree, but there’s such a demand for welders that some employers can’t wait. So they take people already working in the industry and pay for their training.

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