A lot is riding on the fenders of a compact car.

“It’s not a car donation; it’s an investment,” said Alan Scher, regional manager of the Ford Motor Co.’s Kansas City region. “It’s a car but it’s so much more.”

Scher was at Salina Area Technical College to help present a 2015 Ford Focus SE from Long McArthur and Ford Motor to the automotive department at SATC.

“It’s an investment in what you guys are doing here in the school,” he said. “It’s an investment in all of you, your abilities and your future, a symbol of the strong partnership between Long McArthur and Salina Tech.

“It means a lot,” said Russ Wasson, SATC automotive instructor. “We’re glad they’re willing to invest in our program.”

The Focus is the newest vehicle the students will have to work on and test out, Wasson said. The other class vehicles have been donated by individuals and lack the latest computerized features.

“You’ve got to know as much about computers as engines these days,” Scher said.

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