While enrollment numbers are a mixed bag across Kansas, two Saline County schools continue to show progress.

The Kansas Board of Regents released its Fall Preliminary Enrollment Summary from 2014-2019 on Wednesday. The numbers show that both Kansas State University Polytechnic and Salina Area Technical College continue to build on enrollment success.

The Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is building on its enrollment progress from the previous year with another growing freshman class as well as a rise in transfer students.

Full-time equivalency and headcount at Kansas State Polytechnic are up from 2018. Total student enrollment is 642 — an increase of 71 students from last year, or 12%. Full-time equivalency, or FTE, is up nearly 9% to 516. The Kansas Board of Regents calculates full-time equivalency by dividing the total number of undergraduate credit hours taken in a semester by 15.

This is the second year in a row the freshman class has grown. The class of 144 students is up 23% from 2018. The campus also experienced a jump in new Wildcats in the transfer category, with transfer students at 64, up 42%.

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