All students at SATC will be issued a college email account and a Canvas login. Below is a description of your initial login credentials. Your login will be the same for Canvas, Sonis and your College Email. Please note: your Canvas messenger and College Email are two separate systems. This is your personal login information and should not be shared. 

College Email

Access to your college issued email is available on our Website at on the upper left hand side, select “Email”
Your .edu account may qualify you for great student discounts at many places of business!
Login Information:
The Password is the First Four letters of your first name and the First Four numbers of your social security number, the first letter in your name is Capitalized

Canvas Login

Canvas enables you to view assignments and check your grades online, campus information and deadlines are distributed via college email and/or Canvas!
Login Information:
Password: First Four of first name, First Four of social security number, first letter of your first name is Capitalized


Sonis is the system that holds your student information. In sonis you can find your semester schedule, what classes you are enrolled in, cumulative GPA, contact information, and financial information. Final grades will be posted in Sonis once they are official 
Login information: firstname.lastname 
Password: First Four of your first name, and the First Four of your social security number

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If you have specific questions and need assistance email us at