Salina Tech’s Star of the Month

Who is eligible: any current SATC student or employee.

Who can nominate: any current SATC student or employee.

Nomination criteria: Any current SATC student or employee who has gone above and beyond by exhibiting outstanding academic improvement, campus involvement, personal achievements, being a team player, or kindness. Individuals may only be awarded once an academic year.

Award Process/Recognition: Nominations will be sent to the SATC Engagement Committee and presented to VPSS for final approval. Winners will be celebrated via email and social media, along with an award recognizing their achievement.

FERPA Compliance: Persons nominating a student for the award should make every effort to ensure they comply with FERPA rules and regulations. During the selection process, should the committee identify any potential FERPA violations, the committee will make every effort to ensure that such violations do not take place.

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April 2021

Machine Tool Technology student Cameron Church was nominated for excelling academically and modeling star behavior by showing a positive attitude and dedication to learning. When Cameron graduates in May, he hopes to start machining locally.  Outside of the machine shop, Cameron enjoys fishing and building motorcycles. He once purchased a motorcycle for $250.00 and rebuilt it to successfully resell. Please congratulate Cameron when you see him!

Staff member Bekki Ringle was nominated for her dedication to going above, whether it is for a student or a coworker, and giving back (she goes a little crazy around the holidays). Before working at Salina Tech she worked in the healthcare field for over 10 years. Outside of her enrollment duties, she enjoys baking, traveling, and spending time with her family. Please congratulate Bekki when you see her!


Klaira was nominated for her dedication to going above and beyond and for her positivity. You may recognize her from her involvement with the Brew Crew, where you can purchase a warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or snacks without leaving campus. Klaira is attending the BAT program to pursue a career in accounting. Outside of her studies and contribution with the Brew Crew, Klaira enjoys raising and showing rabbits and has been involved with 4-H for 11 years. Stop by BAT to support the Brew Crew and congratulate Klaira when you see her!

Ryan was nominated for his role of Steering Committee Chair for the HLC team at Salina Tech, which has kept the college moving forward through the reaccreditation process with his amazing organizational and time management skills. Aside from his role with HLC reaccreditation, Ryan was recognized as someone always willing to help and offer advice or assistance whether they are a student, faculty, or staff member. Between his teaching and committee duties, Ryan spends free time remodeling his house and enjoys fishing and camping. He is also involved with the local cub scouts. Please congratulate Ryan when you see him!


Bradlee was nominated by a fellow student for his spirit of helping others, inside and outside of the classroom. Bradlee enjoys woodworking and restoring old vehicles when he has free time outside of his studies. His goal is to be an automotive technician, which he is close to reaching! Please congratulate Bradlee if you see him around campus.

Sherri was nominated for her hard work and dedication to instructing Allied Health courses at Salina South and has overbooked her classrooms to help senior students take advantage of Excel in CTE. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and spending time at the gym she and her husband own in Abilene. You can find her teaching self-defense classes (she’s trained in Brazillian jujitsu), anti-bullying classes to children, or promoting professional fights with her promotion company. Please congratulate Sherri when you see her!