Salina Tech’s Star of the Month

Who is eligible: any current SATC student or employee.

Who can nominate: any current SATC student or employee.

Nomination criteria: Any current SATC student or employee who has gone above and beyond by exhibiting outstanding academic improvement, campus involvement, personal achievements, being a team player, or kindness. Individuals may only be awarded once an academic year.

Award Process/Recognition: Nominations will be sent to the SATC Engagement Committee and presented to VPSS for final approval. Winners will be celebrated via email and social media, along with an award recognizing their achievement.

FERPA Compliance: Persons nominating a student for the award should make every effort to ensure they comply with FERPA rules and regulations. During the selection process, should the committee identify any potential FERPA violations, the committee will make every effort to ensure that such violations do not take place.

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