Machining and Manufacturing Technology

  • Student in PPE pouring liquid metal into mold.
  • Machine Tool Slide Show -- student running milling machine
  • Machine tool student adjusts a milling machine
  • Student standing by machining computer.

Make mine metal.

The technology of machining has changed significantly in recent years, and professionals in the industry must be able to operate a wide range of highly advanced equipment. Utilizing lasers, water jets, and electrified wires to cut and shape different types of metals, plastics and woods, these new machines are often used to produce customized components, following specs laid out by drafters, architects and engineers.

From metallurgy and milling, to CNC operations and quality control, Salina Tech’s Machine Tool Technology Program provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the rapidly advancing machine tool industry. Students who graduate from this nine-month program have the opportunity to pursue rewarding careers as operators, technicians, quality control professionals and managers.

Program Length Program Cost Degree Earned Expected
9 Months $9,769 Technical Certificate $34,000 – $52,190
Two Years $13,624 Associate Degree $34,000 – $52,190


  • Operate machine tool equipment commonly found in industry including manual and computer controlled lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and cutting machines.

  • Manufacture parts from various materials in accordance with specifications from blueprints, electronic drawings, and shop sketches.

  • Solve quality problems using process planning, technical knowledge, teamwork, mathematics, and critical thinking.

  • Apply safety principles in a work environment to minimize hazards and prevent losses to productivity.

  • Demonstrate employability skills needed to obtain and retain employment in machine tool and related fields.


  • Machine Operator

  • Machinist

  • Tool & Die Maker

  • Tool Room Technician

  • Quality Control Professional

  • CNC Operator

  • Assembly Professional

  • CNC Programmer

  • Manufacturing Manager


Note: Program Schedule does not include general education courses required by program.



Contact the MTT Enrollment Specialist with any questions, admissions requirements, or to set up program shadowing or tours.

Irma Diaz