General Education

Every set of job skills is more valuable if enhanced with the abilities a broader education provides.

The goal of our General Education department is to give all of our students the opportunity to learn to write effectively, speak persuasively in front of a group, and understand people better. Those are skills that can help our students advance into supervisory and management positions, and some General Education classes are required to earn an Associate Degree from Salina Tech.

These classes aren’t only for our full-time students. At just $99/credit hour, they’re also a great value for high school students or adults planning to go back to college who want to save time and money by taking some classes through Salina Tech.

And the credits earned at Salina Tech will transfer to most other colleges and universities in Kansas and across the nation.

You Will Learn

  • Compose coherent written communication.

  • Deliver coherent oral communication.

  • Show proficiency in locating, analyzing, documenting, and ethically using information sources.

  • Perform and interpret calculations.

  • Develop logical problem solving skills and/or critical thinking skills.

  • Identify appropriate strategies for gathering, analyzing, and displaying data to draw conclusions from scientific data.

  • Collaborate effectively, cultivating a respect for human diversity.

  • Demonstrate technology literacy appropriate to area of study.



Contact the GEN Enrollment Specialist with any questions, admissions requirements, or to set up program shadowing or tours.

Ryan Weber