• EMTs work on a patient

First on the scene…

Through a variety of classroom and lab learning and assessment activities, students in this course will learn the skills needed to provide emergency care to patients in the pre-hospital setting.

The program will provide the participant with opportunities to gain information, skills, and attitudes necessary for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the State of Kansas and National Registry of EMTs.

The program consists of  classroom lectures and instruction, practical skills training, and clinical experience.

Prerequisites: 17 years of age and current immunizations.

12 Credit Hours, cost of course includes textbooks.

Program Length Degree Earned Program Cost
16 weeks Certificate of Completion $2,469


  • Recognize patients’ rights and the legal implications of working in health care.

  • Demonstrate/perform hands on skills for meeting residents’/patients’ needs.

  • Demonstrate and practice infection control and blood borne pathogen precautions.

  • Demonstrate and practice infection control and blood borne pathogen precautions.

  • Have knowledge of the certification requirements for the State of Kansas.

  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and understand medical terminology.

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the EMT.

  • Discuss medical, legal, and ethical issues as they pertain to pre-hospital care/patient resident.

  • Stabilize an airway utilizing adjunctive airway equipment.

  • Discuss rationale for personnel and patient safety and care at the scene AND throughout transport to a receiving facility.

  • Perform an initial, focused, detailed and ongoing assessment of the patient.


  • Hospitals

  • Fire Departments

  • Ambulance Services

  • Air Ambulance Companies



Contact the Health Occupations Specialist with any questions, or admission requirement information.

Bekki Ringle