• CNA students practice patient care
  • CNA student puts a blanket on a bed
  • CNA students learn to brush a patient's teeth
  • CNA student learns to make a bed with patient in it

CNAs are on the front-lines of patient care in hospitals, clinics and other health care settings.

Students in this class learn introductory anatomy and physiology, as well as elements of nutrition and feeding; admitting, transferring and dismissing residents. Care of the critically ill and dying; changing bed linens; lifting and positioning patients are also part of this course, using a combination of classroom learning, hands-on practice and 25 hours of clinical experience.

This course meets all requirements to become a CNA in the state of Kansas.

Classes are available in the afternoons and evenings to work around students’ work schedules.

Prerequisites: Reading Placement Test, TB Questionnaire and follow up if indicated. Clear copy of driver’s license.  Clear copy of SS card. Reading Placement Test can be scheduled by calling 785-309-3136, or online here.


Program Length Degree Earned Program Cost
8 weeks Certificate of Completion $946


  • Understand the purpose and concepts of long term care.

  • Recognize patients’ rights and the legal implications of working in health care.

  • Demonstrate/perform hands on skills for meeting patient needs.

  • Demonstrate and practice infection control and blood borne pathogen precautions.

  • Have knowledge of the certification requirements for the State of Kansas.

  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and understand medical terminology.

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

  • Possess knowledge of disease prevention and health promotion.


  • Hospitals

  • Physician offices

  • Long-term care

  • Nursing homes

  • Home health care



Contact the CNA Enrollment Specialist or Health Occupations Specialist with any questions, or admission requirement information.

Emily Ingalls

Bekki Ringle