The AO-K Program

A partnership between the Salina Adult Education Center (SAEC) and Salina Area Technical College (Salina Tech) provides training opportunities for careers in health care while students earn a GED® at the same time…And the State of Kansas will pay most of the costs!

In the AO-K program, students have a support network to help. At the Salina Adult Education Center, students will improve adult basic skills in reading, math and writing to prepare for the GED®. Lessons are created specifically to be relevant to the classes students are taking at Salina Tech. Students have the needed skills and support to succeed in college classes.

At Salina Tech, adult education instructors are a part of the AO-K support team. Co-instruction involves faculty from both the college and the adult education center. Students also receive advising and career counseling.

To get started…

1. Talk with the AO-K Coordinator at Salina Tech. Call 785-309-3111 for more information.
Click here for printable information.

2. Contact the Salina Adult Education Center at 785-309-4660 or visit

3. When ready to begin Salina Tech courses, revisit next steps with the AO-K Coordinator.

Salina Tech and the SAEC currently offer an Allied Health & Nursing AO-K Pathway. Courses in the AO-K pathway include:

Certified Nurse Aide – CNA

Students learn about all systems in the human body. Age-related changes and common abnormalities are presented along with related nursing-care guidelines and step-by-step procedures in taking vital signs; nutrition and feeding; and admitting, transferring, and dismissing residents. Care of the sick and elderly, caring for infants and children, changing bed linens, and moving and positioning patients are all part of this course.

Certified Medication Aide – CMA

Current CNAs learn to prepare, administer, and record medications, learn, and understand medication side effects, common medical abbreviations and how drugs affect the body.

Medical Terminology

The ever-changing language of medicine and healthcare is not easy to master. Designed for students looking at careers in healthcare or associated occupations, the course is an excellent preparatory course for those entering allied health, nursing, or other related areas like dental and optical. The course meets the prerequisite requirement for the Medical Billing & Coding course