Human Resources

Our Mission:

We are committed to supporting the mission, vision and strategic goals of the college by developing and implementing policies, procedures, and services that maximize the available resources of the college while substantially meeting the needs of faculty, staff and administration.

Our Goals:

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive employment identification and selection process that meets the needs of each instructional program and is free of discriminatory biases.

  • Assisting all employees and departments on policy interpretation and implementation.

  • Developing and revising policies, procedures, standards, and practices and submitting recommendations to the president.

  • Developing and implementing appropriate plans and actions to ensure conformity with unemployment compensation laws, workers compensation laws, and other federal and state regulations and guidelines.

  • Promote and support recruiting strategies and collaborate with departments to create a high performing, diverse and effective workforce.

  • Respond to the needs of the college community in a supportive and pro-active manner to provide exceptional services on which the community can rely

  • Creating an environment where hard work and laughter are highly valued.