Salina Tech embraces the diversity

of our students, employees, and community by promoting inclusion and access for all. Salina Tech is committed to providing a culture that values the diversity of our student body and ensures a community of inclusion. Salina Tech is committed to fostering an environment that enables faculty, staff, students, and visitors to feel empowered, valued, respected, and safe.

Salina Tech is invested in

  • The growth and development of our current students to enter diverse communities
  • Showing our presence and support of diversity and inclusion
  • Educating the college community on what diversity and inclusion are and that it goes beyond ethnicity.
  • Providing resources to understand the correlation between bullying and diversity and to be a resource for any community member who feels unsafe.
  • Encouraging students on self-advocacy. Providing a safe place for students to advocate for themselves.

Our Mission

  • Creating an environment in which every person feels welcome and safe
  • Adding diversity into the curriculum of all technical programs
  • Offering periodic guest speakers
  • Offering multicultural days
  • Partnering with community resources


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Connect With Us

Email the Diversity and Inclusion committee at to learn more and get involved.