Clubs and Organizations

Salina Tech offers Student Government Association and a variety of clubs and organizations across campus.

Student Government Association

SGA membership is made up of 1-2 students from across our 14 full-time programs. Student Government represents students on college-wide strategic planning processes, provides input on student conduct code, and participates in monthly Cabinet Advisory Council meetings. SGA members represent student interests on a variety of other committees and decision making processes.

SGA also provides student activities throughout the year. These activities include:

    • Student Bar-B-Q

    • Breast Cancer Awareness

    • Silent Auction

    • Chili Cook Off

    • Super Bowl Sunday

    • Halloween costume contest

Student Ambassador

Shape the future and direction of SATC’s campus by becoming a student leader. Whether it’s starting your own organization, becoming an officer in an existing organization or serving as a student organization advising peer, you will gain hands-on, real-life experience that can be listed on a job or graduation school application or even your resume. Becoming a leader is also is a great chance to make new friends and interact with students while building confidence and communication skills.

Volunteer to help at an event such as Vehicle Extravaganza, introduce prospective students to our campus, etc.

    • We also offer students the chance to get involved “behind the scenes” allowing them to gain valuable job experience by helping out with event programming and promotion of the college.

Clubs and Organizations

SATC students participate in a variety of contests, clubs and organizations. Students also may join K-State Salina Clubs and Organizations. Current clubs include:

For more information, contact your instructor, Student Government, or Student Services Office.