Salina Tech offers a variety of concurrent enrollment technical and general education programs in area high schools. These are the same classes, using the same books and tests as our on-campus courses, but you don’t leave your school.

These options give high school students a chance to learn valuable technical skills while still in high school; each May, many students graduate from both Salina Tech and their high school, with good-paying, full-time jobs waiting for them, with little out-of-pocket expenses.

Concurrent Enrollment

enrollment is when high school students enroll in Salina Tech courses offered at their high school

Dual Enrollment

is when high school students attend college classes at Salina Tech

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Our Enrollment Specialists can guide you through the process of enrolling in college.

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Applying for SATC as a high school student has a required list of qualifications set by the state, your school, and SATC to enroll. Please visit with your high school counselor to help determine if you meet these qualifications.

Qualifications for Concurrent Enrollment include:

  • You must currently be enrolled in a public or private high school with a contract with SATC.
  • Must meet required placement test scores such as the P-ACT, ACT, PSAT, SAT, or Accuplacer tests OR other prerequisites set by the college or high school.
  • A GPA of 2.5 or higher-Excpetions are made at the discretion of SATC a signed Letter of Understanding is required for students who do not meet the criteria of admittance into the Concurrent program.

What You Need To Complete The Application for Concurrent or Dual Enrollment at SATC:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • An email address (Please use a personal email address. HS-issued emails do not allow outside emails)
  • Parent/guardian email address. (Send permission to parent email)
  • Your first, MIDDLE, and last name. Your birthday as it appears on your school records.

Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Credit Enrollment

Class Location High School Salina Tech
Faculty High School or Salina Tech faculty Salina Tech faculty
General Education tuition $95 / credit hour N/A
Technical Education tuition FREE FREE
Classes available See school below Programs Eligible for Dual Enrollment – Junior Start

Programs Eligible for Dual Enrollment – Senior Start

Documents Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) 2023-24 Student Handbook

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